Ringing for the King in Astbury

The King's Coronation has ignited a newfound interest in bell ringing at St Mary's in Astbury, with 23 new members joining in the last few months alone. Bishop Sam went to meet the new recruits ahead of the Coronation.

Queen's Christian discipleship honoured at Everyday Faith deanery event

In the week when the nation mourns the passing of our monarch, the Everyday Faith team made some changes to its planned deanery event in Elworth to honour the example of Christian discipleship and everyday faith set by Queen Elizabeth. 

'I always went away afterwards feeling affirmed as a person'

The Revd Canon Ian Davenport, someone well known to the Diocese of Chester, reflects on being a chaplain to the Queen and what he says was “the greatest privilege" of his life. It's a role he held until her passing on 08 September 2022.

Parishes encouraged to list services of thanksgiving on ACNY

Parishes are encouraged to list services of thanksgiving for the late Queen on A Church Near You. It only takes a few moments to update your details and doing so will ensure anyone searching for details of a local service can easily find them.

Proclamation ceremonies take place across the diocese

Ceremonies to proclaim the accession to the throne of King Charles III have taken place across the Diocese of Chester. From Sandbach to Stockport, Neston to Northwich, people came to hear the news and to hold the King and the Royal Family in prayer.

Cathedral to lead services of thanksgiving ahead of funeral

Services of thanksgiving at Chester Cathedral and other locations around the diocese will be held this week ahead of the state funeral for the late Queen on Monday 19 September. Parishes are encouraged to list their services on A Church Near You.

Proclamation of the king

Click for a list of ceremonies taking place around the diocese at which Charles III will be proclaimed king. The Queen's funeral will take place on Monday 19 September. 2022.

Churches open books of condolence following death of Queen Elizabeth II

Parish churches, cathedrals, and chapels across the country have been open for prayer and reflection. Queues of people have been filing into Chester Cathedral and parish churches to pay their respects.

Bishop Mark talks with BBC Radio Merseyside

Following the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, Bishop Mark talks with Lisa Marrey from BBC Radio Merseyside about her legacy and the impact that she had around the world. For Mark, who was born in Canada, she was also the Queen of his homeland.

A diocese in mourning

The bishops of the diocese and other senior leaders, as well as clergy and lay leaders around the Diocese of Chester have been offering prayers and tributes to Her Late Queen Elizabeth II, and staff at Church House briefly interrupted their work to pray in the chapel.

General guidance for parish churches

General guidance for parish churches on marking the passing of the Sovereign is and is being shared with parishes. It contains advice on flying flags at half-mast and opening books of condolence. 

Bishop Mark pays tribute to Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Bishop Mark has paid tribute to the Queen, saying: "We pray with gratitude for her long, wise, and compassionate reign. We pray for our nation and the Commonwealth. We pray for the Royal Family in their loss and grieving. And, in particular, we pray for our King."

Church bells to toll and prayers said as nation enters mourning

Church bells are expected to be tolled across England tomorrow following the announcement of the death of Queen Elizabeth II. Guidance from the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers recommends tolling bells for one hour from noon tomorrow.

Prayers following the passing of Queen Elizabeth II

The Bishop of Chester has offered prayers for Queen Elizabeth II and her family following the news of her passing on 08 September 2022. He says: "We look to you, her Lord and ours, her saviour and ours."

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