Giving & Fundraising

Christian giving is not primarily about balancing the books of the Church. It is about resourcing God’s work, resourcing God's mission, which every Christian is called to join in.

Fundraising also resources God’s Mission. The process itself of raising funds is also a great opportunity for Christian witness, as it often involves speaking to a wide range of organisations and people to gain support, such as grant-making trusts and local communities.

The Giving and Fundraising pages explore giving and fundraising in more depth. The following links will take you to a wealth of advice, support and resources aimed at helping your parish to resource mission:

  • Giving - Guidance on giving and related matters
  • Fundraising - Advice on fundraising, including how to find grants nationally and locally using a variety of lists and databases, tips on fundraising for capital (building) projects, and researching local needs and opportunities
  • Open4Funding - A database to search for grants, made free for parishes in our Diocese, (previously called GrantsNet)
Page last updated: Thursday 10th March 2022 5:34 PM
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