The long-awaited changes to the process for marriage registration are proposed to come into effect on 4th May this year. The  Newsletter from the General Records Office to Clergy has been circulated and includes IMPORTANT indicators of what the changes will be. These changes will significantly impact every wedding in church. We appreciate that this is short notice but the national church and the Diocese will be working to help ensure everyone will be ready. The GRO promises further details, training and instructions for clergy in the coming weeks. Please take part in the training and look out for the release of the relevant documentation and guidance.



Marriages to take place after 1st July 2021 of European Citizens who are not British or Irish will require a Superintendent Registrar’s Certificate (SRC) unless the couple both have European Settled Status or European Pre-Settled Status. The Government has issued a Question and Answer paper to assist clergy with the changes and the Faculty Office have also issued a statement. This requirement to obtain a SRC already applies to all other nationalities and the sham marriage referral and investigation scheme will apply to all European Citizens (with the exception of Irish citizens) wishing to marry in the UK from 1st July. European citizens will no longer be able to marry by banns or common licence after this date unless they have the requisite European Union Settled Status. Whether someone has the correct status can be checked via the Governments online EUSS Checker Tool and the link is in the guidance. 


Churchyard Memorial and Inscription Approval Form

To help those responsible for churchyards there is a new form available to assist with applications to alter or add a memorial in a manner that is compliant with the Diocesan Churchyard Regulations 2007.  This form will ensure stonemasons and applicants are aware of their responsibilities. Any memorials or inscriptions which do not comply with the Regulations will require a Faculty and there is a special petition form for a non-compliant memorial. See below.


Display of public notices for faculty petitions during the Coronavirus restrictions

If a public notice of a faculty application is on display during the current "lockdown" which began on 22 March, it is recommended that the notice should continue to be displayed for an appropriate additional period after the lockdown ends. This is to ensure that the notices will have been on public display for a period of not less than 28 days in total at a time when the notice will have been accessible to the public.

As regards notices in respect of new petitions, it is recommended that these are not displayed until after the lock down has ended.

As regards cases of urgency, please contact the Registry by email to


Contact details for the Registrar

Our Diocesan Registrar and Bishop's Legal Secretary is Lisa Moncur.

She can be contacted by post at :

Diocesan Registry, Church House 5500 Daresbury Park, Daresbury, Warrington, WA4 4GE

or via her Registry Clerk Jo Williams on 01928 718834 x 269



Useful information 


Marriage Licence Application forms 

Particulars of application for a Common Licence - ML1
(otherwise known as a Bishop’s Licence) to marry in the Church of England.

Particulars of Qualifying Connection - ML2
Form for completion by a person who wishes to apply for a Common Licence to marry in a parish by virtue of a qualifying connection with the parish under the Church of England Marriage Measure 2008.

Other Forms

Petition for faculty for the introduction of a memorial which does not comply with the diocesan churchyard regulations

Petition for the reservation of a grave space

Complaints against Chancellors - Scheme


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