Contact details for the Registrar

Our Diocesan Registrar and Bishop's Legal Secretary is Lisa Moncur.T: 01928 643 437

She can be contacted by post at :

Diocesan Registry, Church House 5500 Daresbury Park, Daresbury, Warrington, WA4 4GE

or via her Registry Clerk Jo Williams T: 01928 643 430


Useful information 

Marriage Licence Application forms

Particulars of application for a Common Licence - ML1
(otherwise known as a Bishop’s Licence) to marry in the Church of England.

Particulars of Qualifying Connection - ML2
Form for completion by a person who wishes to apply for a Common Licence to marry in a parish by virtue of a qualifying connection with the parish under the Church of England Marriage Measure 2008.

Churchyard Memorial and Inscription Approval Form

To help those responsible for churchyards there is a new form available to assist with applications to alter or add a memorial in a manner that is compliant with the Diocesan Churchyard Regulations 2007.  This form will ensure stonemasons and applicants are aware of their responsibilities. Any memorials or inscriptions which do not comply with the Regulations will require a Faculty and there is a special petition form for a non-compliant memorial. See below.

Other Forms

Petition for faculty for the introduction of a memorial which does not comply with the diocesan churchyard regulations

Petition for the reservation of a grave space

Complaints against Chancellors - Scheme


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