Self-Supporting Ordained Ministry

The information below is intended to support clergy engaged in Self-Supporting Ordained Ministry, as well as those who minister / work alongside them: stipendiary clergy, churchwardens, PCC members, etc. 

There is also information for those who are exploring Self-Supporting Ordained Ministry, as a possible reponse to God's vocational call on their lives.

Is God Calling You?

Below is a brief Vocations Guide to Self-Supporting Ordained Ministry. Please do however refer to the webpage elsewhere on this site for more information about ministry: 
Is God Calling You? - Diocese of Chester (

Vocations Guide to Self-Supporting Ordained Ministry

SSM Handbook

The SSM handbook below contains a wealth of information, advice and guidance to support SSMs and those who minister alongside them.

SSM Handbook

The template SSMs should use for their Ministry Agreement is below:

SSM Ministry Agreement Template

SSMs Holding Incumbent Level Appointments

The information in the booklet below is designed to support SSMs who are considering applying for an incumbent level post.It contains a wealth of information to support them through the process, as well as offering practical advice once the appointment has been made.

SSM Incumbent Level Appointments Guide

SSMs who hold an incumbent level appointment (eg as a Priest-in-Charge) should use the Memorandum of Understanding template below:

SSM Memorandum of Understanding

SSMs Moving to PTO

The information in the booklet is designed to assist SSMs (from 65 years of age) make decisions about retirement and whether they wish to apply for PTO

SSMs Moving to PTO Guide

All those in receipt of PTO who were previously SSM should use the Ministry Agreement template below:

SSM Ministry Agreement Template

Ministry Agreements

SSMs currently undergoing IME2 are not to use the template below, but should use the template found on the IME2 page

Below is the Ministry Agreement template all licensed SSMs should use. This template should also be used by those in receipt of PTO, who were previously SSM:

SSM Ministry Agreement Template

For more information, advice, guidance or support about any of the above, or any other aspects of Self-Supporting Ordained Ministry, please get in touch with the Bishop's Adviser for Self Supporting Ordained Ministry via Church House 01928 643428 or


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