Ringing for the King in Astbury

The King's Coronation has ignited a newfound interest in bell ringing at St Mary's in Astbury, with 23 new members joining in the last few months alone. 

Tower Captain, Steven Stoker believes the recent surge in interest is due to the upcoming Coronation, something many of the group's new members agree with. One new member saw an ad on Facebook calling for people to come forward and "Ring for the King". She responded to the ad and described her new hobby as "great", and another, who came with her children initially, said, "I didn't think it would be for me, but I had a go and loved it!" 

The Bishop of Stockport, Bishop Sam Corley went along to meet some of the team. He has been ringing since he was ten years old and says it is still something he enjoys whenever he is visiting churches around the diocese: "I really enjoy, wherever I'm going, ringing bells before services. It's a great joy to come here this evening and ring with this team, particularly with so many new recruits. It's a brilliant thing bell ringing: it's mentally stimulating, it's physically good exercise, and there's also a really good sense of community around it as well... I heartily commend it." 

Bell ringing may look easy, but it takes time to master. It usually takes about three months to learn the technique before someone is competent enough to handle the rope, known as a 'Sally', the name of which originates from the old French word ‘sailir,’ meaning the action of a jumping rope.

For those who enjoy rubbing shoulders with people in high places, bell ringing at St Mary's is the perfect hobby. The bell ringers at St Mary's are a tight-knit group, quite literally, as the space directly below the bells is limited. So why not join the ranks of this growing group and celebrate the King's Coronation in style?

Page last updated: Friday 5th May 2023 12:07 PM
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