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What is The Treasurer Support Network?

The Treasurer Support Network aims to bring together all the treasurers from across the Diocese. It is a forum aimed at equipping and enabling treasurers to approach their role in an informed way. Sharon Taylor Booth (pictured right )  hosts regular zoom sessions to discuss different topics, highlight relevant training and signpost useful information. We have many experienced treasurers and by sharing our abilities and skills we will create a solid group of well-established treasurers to support our PCC’s and Churches.

To join us please keep looking out on the e-bulletin for events and updates. All information will be posted on this page of the website. 


Treasurer Support provided by Data Developments

As part of our ongoing support for parishes, the Diocese of Chester has been working with 'Data Developments' (an accounting software provider).. Some treasures may already be aware of our relationship with Data Developments through Sharon Taylor-Booth, from the finance department at Church House, who manages the Treasurer Support Network.

Parishes often have queries that relate to accounting and gift aid requirements. In recognising this, 'Data Developments' have developed a free treasurer course and also a free gift aid course. 

These courses explain the requirements with practical examples and give useful hints and tips for both new and existing treasurers and gift aid secretaries. Time is left at the end of each session for live Q&A. 

They are run by past and present treasurers/Gift aid secretaries with the aim for these courses to spread good practice, improve reporting and give support to the people in the roles they have volunteered for. These courses are open to everyone, not just Data Developments users and include:  

 Treasurer training:

  1. What is fund accounting and what are the different types of funds

  2. What is the role of the treasurer and best practice

  3. Financial controls, what are they and why are they needed

  4. Budgets – how to create them from scratch and use them

Treasurer Training Part 1   

This course will explore the role of the treasurer, why we need financial controls to protect everyone, what those financial controls should be in practice, what you should and shouldn't do and where you can get further guidance, if needed

Tuesday 30th January - 5pm - 6pm

Treasurer Training Part 2   

This course will explore: What are Funds and why do we need them, What is the Charities Act, What does it require us to do, What is SORP and do I have to follow it, Does it apply to me, What are funds, Why are there different types of fund and what do they mean

Tuesday 6th February - 5pm - 6pm

Treasuer Training Part 3 

This course will explore: Internal Financial controls, Basic principles, Looking after Income and Expenditure, Gift aid and GASDS, Risks - the do's and don'ts, Assets and Security

Tuesday 13th February  - 5pm - 6pm

Treasurer Training Part 4

This course will explore: R & P or Prepayments & Accruals, End of Year Processes & Procedures, End of Year Reports

Tuesday 20th February - 5pm - 6pm


Gift Aid and GASDS course:

This course will explore the more detailed work of the Gift Aid Secretary. From the beginning of What is Gift Aid and What is GASDS to what can and can't be claimed on and what records do I need to keep

  1. What is Gift Aid and what do I need to do to claim it

  2. What money can and can’t I claim on

  3. What is GASDS, why is it different to Gift Aid and how can I claim it

Gift Aid Training Part 1 

What is Gift Aid, How much can I claim, What do I need to be able to claim Gift Aid, What can and cannot be claimed on, What is a Gift Aid Declaration

Wednesday 31st of January - 1pm - 2pm

Gift Aid Training Part 2

Aggregated donations, Sponsored events Church collections for other charities - can Gift Aid be claimed on these?, Can Gift Aid be claimed on volunteers expenses?, Donations for supporting missionaries Charity events and Concerts

Wednesday 7th Feruary - 1pm - 2pm

Gift Aid Training Part 3

Charity Auctions, Can Gift Aid be claimed on waived loans or repayments, What records should I keep, What is GASDS, Good Practice, Useful resources

Wednesday 14th February - 1pm - 2pm

These courses do not cover any aspect of the 'My Funding Online' software. For more information on each course please visit the training page of our website




Useful links for Treasurers

This page list useful links to external websites that are relevant to treasurers.

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