Church House Blog: Should we be offering a Warm Hub?

Buildings for Mission Adviser, Sheena Wilson, looks at Warm Hubs and offers some advice on whether this is something you and your church could be offering this winter. There are plenty of resources to help you explore this topic at a time of need for many in our communities.

Church House Blog: Words and action

Jonny Masters shares some thoughts on the role young people can and are playing in keeping the environment and creation on the agenda and helping the Church and wider society to turn words and promises into action.

Church House Blog: Let's talk vocations

Director of Vocations, Sarah Fenby, writes in this Church House Blog about the ways in which we can all play our role in encouraging vocation in ourselves and others around us through relationship, conversation and listening.

Thanks for supporting our young people

In this Church House Blog, Jonathan Masters, Children and Families Missioner, thanks those who have worked with and supported children, young people and families with their parish this year.

I saw a sign

In this Church House Blog, a walk along a canal towpath for communications officer, Stephen Freeman, leaves him with a painful memory and a lesson in how to see things from other people's perspective.

The C Number

In this Church House Blog, Stephen Freeman, Design and Communications Officer, with a basic knowledge of maths, wonders how Christianity passes from one person to another.

Who is your neighbour?

On Tuesday 07 July, Archdeacon Ian will chair an online webinar about race and equality. Those taking part include the Revd Daud Gill, Incumbent at Broadheath, and the Revd Dr Jacob Davadason, Incumbent at Heald Green.

Yesterday someone thanked me

In this Church House Blog, Stephen Freeman, Design and Communications Officer and "avid user of techno gadgetry" offers his thoughts on communication following a recent conversation with a member of the clergy.

Church House Blog: Fundraising update

In this Church House Blog, Emily Allen, Church Buildings Missioner, updates parishes on the fundraising opportunities available to them, including new grants from Christian organisations as well as local authorities.

Fundraising during COVID-19 and beyond

In this Church House Blog, Emily Allen, Church Buildings Missioner, suggests a number of resources where you can find help and information on fundraising during the pandemic and beyond.

Church House Blog: Thy Kingdom Come

The 21 May is the start of 'Thy Kingdon Come'. The Director of Foxhill, Jonathon Green, reflects on the past weeks and gives us some helpful tools to help us to focus as we enter this season of prayer.

Church House Blog: Church Halls

In this Church House Blog, Emily Allen, Church Buildings Missioner, looks at how Church Halls, that usually play a vital role in binding the community together, are responding to the Covid-19 crisis.

Church House Blog: Communications

In this Church House Blog, Jim Butterworth, Director of Communications in the Diocese of Chester provides updates on a range of national and diocesan resources that are rolling out to parishes now. 

Church House Blog: Staying connected

In this Church House Blog, Jim Butterworth shares a selection of resources and training to help parishes get the most out of their new role keeping people connected in a society forced to be apart.

Church House Blog: God is still calling

In this Church House blog, Jenny Bridgman looks at how the current Covid situation might shape our work across the diocese and how we can adapt and shape ourselves to what may lie ahead.

Church House Blog: Parochial giving

In this Church House Blog, Martin Smith writes about the importance of encouraging church members to continue their giving during the coronavirus crisis and shares some tips for sustaining giving.

Fundraising opportunities

Emily Allen, Church Buildings Missioner, offers some practical signposting to potential streams of income and fundraising in this Church House Blog. Not everyone will be eligible for the funding, but they may be worth investigating.

Church House Blog: Being a House of Prayer

In this Church House Blog, Emily Allen, Church Buildings Missioner reflects on the decision to close church buildings and provides practical tips and thoughts on how your church building can be a blessing, even when the doors are shut.

Coronavirus Blog: Youth and families

Jonathan Masters, Youth, Children and Families Missioner highlights some useful resources, and shares some thoughts on the current situation and how it is affecting those that work with younger people in our diocese.

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