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    Leaving your "dream job" for the priesthood
    The Revd Simon Stride says he has always been passionate about three things: Jesus, church, and music. Approaching his 30s, he left his “dream job” working in a recording studio to follow a call to the priesthood. Read More

    New appointment for Judge David Turner
    Judge David Turner, who is the Diocesan Chancellor, has been named as the new Deputy Chair of the Clergy Discipline Commission replacing Sir Mark Hedley, who retired in December 2020. Read More

    Prince Charles presents his Earth Charter
    In his virtual address to the One Planet Summit on 11 January, Prince Charles called upon businesses and organisations to fight against the climate crisis, something our own environment forum is working towards. Read More

    David Bowie, the praying man
    It's been five years since the death of the enigmatic English singer-songwriter, David Bowie. In a tribute concert for the late Freddie Mercury, he paused during his performance to do something that took everyone by surprise. Read More

    Your views on our future bishops
    The Diocese of Chester has been given permission to appoint to the Sees of Birkenhead and Stockport. Now Bishop Mark is asking for your views and comments about the two roles before the appointment process begins. Read More





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