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    How welcoming are we?
    In this Church House Blog, Engagement and Inclusion Officer, Vanessa Layfield, recalls how her first day at University taught her about not making assumptions about anyone based on the colour of their skin or choice of dress. Read More

    Webinar series: Back to Better
    As part of its response and support for parishes, the Diocese of Chester, led by Church House officers, will offer a series of webinars to support lay and ordained church leaders as we open up church buildings once again. Read More

    Full-time Christian Workers
    As 23 deacons-to-be are commissioned to public ministry, Archdeacon Mike reminds us that we are all called to witness to Christ and that God "wants to live through you to bless the world". We are all FTCW's. Read More

    23 deacons-to-be commissioned online
    The Diocese of Chester made history on 02 July 2020 when 23 deacons-to-be were commissioned to public ministry in parishes across the diocese via an online service. Hundreds joined in via Zoom and Facebook. Read More

    Who is your neighbour?
    On Tuesday 07 July, Archdeacon Ian will chair an online webinar about race and equality. Those taking part include the Revd Daud Gill, Incumbent at Broadheath, and the Revd Dr Jacob Davadason, Incumbent at Heald Green. Read More





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