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    More children knowing the love of Jesus
    Mission programme Filling the Gap continues to grow in the Diocese of Chester. There are now eleven churches across the Diocese of Chester taking part in the initiative from Transforming Lives Together. Read More

    The finale of Journey into Light
    The Diocese of Chester has announced that the finale of Journey into Light, an exhibition of artwork produced by prisoners from Styal and Thorn Cross prisons, will take place on 17 December. Read More

    Pastoral Workers and Readers licensed
    On Saturday 12 October, 14 Pastoral Workers and 7 Readers were licensed at Chester Cathedral. The Bishop of Birkenhead, Keith Sinclair conducted the service in front of hundreds of well-wishers, friends and family.    Read More

    Everyday Faith: Jane Holland, Pastoral Worker
    On October 12 the Bishop of Birkenhead licensed Jane Holland as a Pastoral Worker, along with a cohort of others. Here Jane tells us how her faith was seriously challenged, almost before it had got started. Read More

    200,000th brick placed on LEGO cathedral
    BBC Breakfast presenter, Louise Minchin placed the 200,000th brick onto the "Chester Cathedral in LEGO" replica during a special event. You can see the replica at Chester Cathedral. Read More




  • Cycle of Prayer

    Please pray for: Hargrave

    Bishop Bruce Myers, Quebec (Canada); Bishop Christopher Cocksworth, Bishop John Stroyan, Coventry (England); Bishop George Cornelious Tantepudi, Krishna-Godavari (South India)


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