Works specification
A summary of what should be included in a work specification

Researching significance
Researching significance Sources of information about your church

Simple Statements of Significance and Need
Description of statements required for very straightforward schemes

Levels of authorisation
Brief summary of the different levels of authorisation available

Public notices
Faculty applications publicised via the diocesan website

Faculty system
A brief overview

Do you need a faculty?
Introduction to current faculty rules

Online Faculty System
How to register as a user and access the new system

Faculty Fees
The legal aspects of processing a faculty incur a legal charge.

You must, by law, undertake all appropriate consultations

Supporting Information
level of supporting detail required for all faculty applications

Avoiding Delays
Advice to parishes and clergy on how they can help to ensure minimum delay in the processing of their faculty application

Advice on timescales for processing faculties

Faculty Procedure
A seven-step guide through the faculty process