Leading Evangelism Learning Hub

An exciting chance to develop the culture of evangelism in your church.

We have a great opportunity to proclaim afresh the gospel to this generation, and we need every form of church to play its part – we need you!

It works by the Church Leader and a small team (2 – 5 others) exploring together how you might develop the ministry of evangelism appropriately in your context. This is done alongside other churches on the same journey, and facilitated by James Lawrence from the Church Pastoral Aid Society (CPAS), in collaboration with the Diocese.

It is held over 4 terms, which gives time for the culture shifts required to be started within your own church setting. Exactly what that will look like in your situation is up to you. We provide the framework, and the support and challenge – you make it live locally.

Download the Leading Evangelism Learning Hub - Leaflet


Q. How much does it cost?
A. Nothing! The Diocese is paying the costs. We also provide lunch on the days we gather together. The only thing you pay for is the transport costs to get there, and your time commitment.

Q. When does it start?
A. May 2023. Full details are in the [Leaflet].

Q. Where is it happening?
A. Four of the sessions are online, and four are held in person, most at Foxhill House, Tarvin Road, Frodsham, WA6 6XB. A fantastic lunch will also be provided on these days.

Q. What does the course cover?
A. There are 4 themes: Connect (with God, the vocation of the church and with people), Model (as leaders modelling and leading evangelism), Order (Shaping church culture around Jesus and his priorities) and Mobilise (Equipping the whole church community to share their faith).

Q. Is it for every tradition?
A. Yes! The material is deliberately designed and trialled with different church traditions in mind.

Q. Is it for every context?
A. Yes! Again, the material has been deliberately designed and trialled with different contexts.

Q. Is it easy?
A. No! But it is possible! The course takes seriously the difficulties of evangelism, but provides manageable ‘One Degree Shifts’ that slowly but surely make a difference to your church.

Q. How does the course work?
A. It works on several levels. Firstly, it works because you work out what you are being called to you in your context. Secondly, because you are travelling alongside other churches, which builds support and encouragement into the process. Thirdly, you are given time to actually do things, and to reflect on them, and tweak them as necessary. And fourthly, you are doing the work as a team, not an individual.

Q. What about Children & Young People?
A. Whilst there is no specific session on children and young people, there is an explicit assumption that the work of evangelism is for all ages and congregation members. It is likely, therefore, that at least some of what you decide to do will include children and young people.

Q. Given the uncertainty of the times, is this a good moment to be doing something like this?
A. Yes! The very uncertainty of where we are as Church and as a society actually means we have a great opportunity to reimagine ourselves as church, and to speak into a society that is looking for answers. It is an ideal time.

Q. How can I find out more?
A. Contact John (john.hellewell@chester.anglican.org 07704 338 846) or Peter (peter.frogatt@chester.anglican.org 07590 396782) at the Outreach Team.


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