Write a poem about the vision process, Casting the Net Wide

Poets in the Diocese of Chester will put their energy into writing poetry about the vision process, Casting the Net Wide, at their next meeting. 

Everyone is welcome to join the monthly meeting of the group called Poetry Break. Attendees can contribute their own verses or simply enjoy listening to others recite theirs. 

Poetry Break has been meeting online for many months. It's an opportunity for budding, aspirational, and seasoned wordsmiths to write about a particular theme. Previous events have included poems around the themes of tyranny, art, and "the torn page". 

The next vision-focused Poetry Break event is on 13 April. Please sign up to join the online meeting

Casting the Net Wide began in the autumn of 2022. Since then, people of all backgrounds, ages, gender, and tradition have contributed their ideas and thoughts on how the Church can develop a new vision and strategy in the Diocese of Chester. 

Opportunities to contribute have now come to an end and all responses and contributions have been collated. A team, made up of senior staff, including the three bishops, has reviewed the responses and is discerning the key priorities and strategic aims for the diocese. 

Harriet Roberts, who has been leading the project on behalf of the Bishop of Chester, says it has been a blessing to speak with so many people: "Over the last six months and across every corner of the diocese, I have spoken with thousands of people of all ages and backgrounds. The way in which people have embraced the process has been really exciting. However, the hard work is still to come as we discern those priorities that are at the heart of the consultation and shape these into a strategic plan for the coming years."

An event at Chester Cathedral on Saturday 20th May at 11am will be an opportunity to celebrate the vision process so far and to feedback to the diocese on some of the overarching themes and priorities to have come out of the consultation. Further details about the event will be published on the diocesan website, Eventbrite page, and E-Bulletin in the coming weeks. 

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