Praying for our frontline workers

We want to support frontline workers with prayer and are asking for those people to send us a little information that will help guide us in our thoughts and prayers for you. 

There are many people still undertaking their normal jobs at the moment, working in roles that are essential to maintaining a level of order and stability for others and the country as a whole. The nation's medical staff are performing an amazing task, but there are also many others, sometimes overlooked, who also perform vital roles.

Jonathan Green, Director of Foxhill, the house of prayer, study and mission for the Diocese of Chester, says: "Our Prayer Hub team wants to support those on the front line, by praying for them, their work colleagues and their families in these times. We've got a team of people who will dedicate prayer time to you. You can make a prayer request using a simple form. You don't need to provide your full name, just your first name. God will know who you are when we pray for you." 

If you would like to be supported in these times through prayer, just fill in our really simple form. Your submission will be anonymous. The form can be found here:

Please circulate the link to anyone working on the frontline who might welcome one of our diocesan intercessors praying for them. 

Page last updated: Monday 27th April 2020 9:44 AM
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