Readers Awarded Bachelor’s Degrees in Theology 

Four Readers from the Diocese of Chester have successfully completed a Bachelor’s degree in Theology. Deborah Rowlands from Wrenbury, Belinda Priestley from Gatley, Les Hutchinson from Poynton, and Andrew Bradley-Gibbons from Eastham each completed their degree with Honours.

Director of Studies Liz Shercliff says: "This is a magnificent achievement. Everyone in the group was working as well as studying, and of course, Covid and lockdown presented their own problems.”

Bishop Sam, who chairs the Committee for Ministry, says: “I am delighted to hear about the academic success of our Readers. Any course of study is demanding, all the more so when it is balanced alongside a great many other commitments. I hope and pray that those who have received results recently will continue to relish study and learning as part of their future ministry and that others will be inspired to explore what possibilities may be open to them.” 

Page last updated: Thursday 23rd June 2022 11:24 AM
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