Our diocesan registrar features in The Times

Lisa Moncur, our diocesan registrar has been interviewed by The Times newspaper about what it's like working for the Church. "Never a dull day", she says. The article was first published in The Times on 20 January 2022

Lisa splits her time working for both the Diocese of Chester and the Diocese of Blackburn and even though we don't have her all to ourselves, she does a great job at managing the wide and varied tasks that come her way.

Lisa's job can range from reviewing how many pews a church wants to remove when making an application to make changes to a church, to matters of potentially illegal practices, such as ensuring that people are legally entitled to marry. She tells The Times that she was even once called upon to handle a case involving a mischievous badger that had dug up human remains in a graveyard. 

Speaking to The Times, Lisa said: “I get quite excited about breaking the myths around ecclesiastical law — people think it will be boring and involve spending hours in a dusty archive, but it is really about dealing with people — at the highest and worst moments.”

The Times story can be found here, though it is behind a paywall.



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