Digital donations to churches on the increase

Bessia Kanengoni is the Digital Giving Adviser for the Diocese of Chester

There has been a significant increase in donations made to churches using digital payment methods, such as online, QR codes, and contactless, both nationally and within the Diocese of Chester.

The national figure, which includes totals from all dioceses, has nearly doubled, from just over £5 million in 2021 to nearly £10 million in 2022. These figures pertain to parishes that use payment systems provided by the Parish Buying Scheme. However, some parishes have independently purchased their own payment systems, so their digital donations are not included in these statistics.

In the Diocese of Chester, the total giving made to churches more than doubled, from £114k in 2021 to £230k in 2022. This increase came from the 126 churches in the diocese which had active digital giving accounts.

The diocesan Digital Giving Adviser, Bessia Kanengoni, has been helping churches navigate their way to facilitate digital giving. Explaining the main benefits of digital giving, she says: "It makes our churches more welcoming and inclusive to everyone who would like to give but does not carry cash. By including different ways for people to give, we allow them to express their generosity easily and in a way that they most prefer."

If you would like to find out more about how your church can accept donations digitally, you can contact Bessia Kanengoni by email or by calling 07732 901740.



Coming soon: Free digital devices for your church

During the next few months, the National Church and the Diocese of Chester will be working together to place an additional 50 contactless devices into our parishes. To take part, keep a lookout for the online application form that will be available from mid-May via the E-Bulletin and the diocesan website. 



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