Is your church seeking to install broadband?

During the Coronavirus lockdown, many clergy have been live-streaming services from their homes, and there is evidence that completely new audiences have been reached through live streaming.  As churches open up again, clergy should be able to live stream services from inside church buildings, there may still be many church members who need to remain self-isolated in the interim.

A number of requests have been received by the office of the Diocesan Advisory Committee for consent to lay telephone cables either via underground or overhead cabling through churchyards.  Works of this nature would normally require Faculty consent.  However, given the clear missional and pastoral benefits to churches being able to live stream in this way, the Diocesan Chancellor has responded with a practice direction.

The practice direction lays out the circumstances in which it will no longer be required to seek Faculty consent for a new telephone line for provision of broadband, provided a short process is followed, including consultation with the office of the DAC. 

Form and further details here

Page last updated: Wednesday 12th August 2020 7:43 AM
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