New podcast 'Glimpses of Grace'

The Bishop of Chester has launched Glimpses of Grace, a new podcast that aims to “capture the grace and love of God around our Diocese”.

Co-hosting the podcast alongside him is Rachel Hsuan, Acting Director of Operations at Bishop’s House.

The first two episodes have already been released and are available on all popular streaming sites including Soundcloud.

When asked about his motivation for starting the podcast, Bishop Mark responded: “I get to see so many amazing things that God is doing in the communities of our diocese, I just wanted a way to share some of it.”

Rachel adds: “The idea is that we capture some of the amazing things that are being done. Bishop Mark is in a unique position, in that he has the opportunity to meet people as he travels around the diocese. The ‘snippets’ of conversations recorded by him as he’s out and about are so full of life, energy and the sounds of church life – with the hubbub of a Church Hall, Toddler Group or kitchen, all going on in the background.”

Each episode includes two short interviews, one with a focus on a person and the role they have; and a second short interview with someone who is involved in a project or a place with a story to tell.

Also included in each episode is a longer interview which centres on the theme of the series. The theme of the first series is ‘The Environment’. Bishop Mark and Rachel speak to the co-chair of the diocesan Environment Forum, the Revd Mike Loach, and visiting Melanesian Brothers, Elder Brother Harry and Head Brother Augustin.

For Bishop Mark and Rachel, who are new to making podcasts, it’s been a steep learning curve, and they are constantly finding new ways to improve, but as Rachel says: “We started out with absolutely no experience whatsoever. I think we’ve made decent progress so far. My main pointers have been that I need to speak more loudly and laugh more quietly. I can’t make any promises, but I’ll do my best!”


Page last updated: Friday 5th May 2023 12:06 PM
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