Costa del Holiday in Hoole

All Saints in Hoole are currently hosting all-inclusive break for older members of the Church Family and the local community. The event lasts from 17 – 19 August and is themed around a trip to the Caribbean and includes a variety of activities, games and excursions for people to enjoy during the 3-day experience.  

The holiday began on the morning of Wednesday 17 August when guests arrived in the church centre at 10:00 am and booked in at the ‘Resort Reception’, which, like other rooms, had been re-designed with a tropical theme. 

Just like on a normal holiday, guests gathered to be given tea, biscuits, and a welcome talk, by their holiday rep, Vicki Bulgin, who explained the options available to them during their stay. A screening of the film, ‘Cool Runnings’ and a boat cruise were just two of the choices for the first day. 

Costa del holidays has been running annually at All Saints since 2008, though not during Covid. It all started when parishioner Pam Male heard about a church running a similar idea . She mentioned it to the All Saints vicar (at the time) who said “Go for it’”, which she did. It has been going ever since. 
Elaine Hemming was on the original planning team and continues to be so to this day. She says; “The idea is to provide an authentic holiday, where guests can relax, talk and participate in activities as they wish. It takes a lot of planning and needs a good team of volunteer helpers to enable it to happen. Our strap line is God-inspired, Christ-blessed, Spirit-led. It is really worth the effort and so rewarding to see it bring smiles to the faces of guests and helpers alike”. 

If you’d like to hear more about setting up a ‘Costa del Holiday’ for your church you can contact Elaine by email at

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