CDN to discontinue


The diocesan publication Chester Diocesan News is to discontinue. The final edition will be the 2021 December edition. 

The CDN features stories from parishes and publicises upcoming events and initiatives from Church House officers. It also always carries a reflection from senior clergy. 

The diocesan Director of Communications, Jim Butterworth, says: "The CDN has been a well-loved publication for decades but in recent years it has seen a decline in readership. Sadly, the pandemic forced us to switch to a digital-only publication and we're not confident that we could switch back and attract the kind of circulation numbers that would make it a good longterm solution." 

Jim adds: "We will still share occasional reflections from senior staff via the website, E-Bulletin and social media, and have introduced a Church House Blog for diocesan officers to talk about the areas of work they specilise in. We are also considering other communications to help us promote diocesan initatives and offer parish magazine editors content for their publications."

"Print publications could still be a part of any future communications mix but for now, the E-Bulletin will continue to be our primary resource and I would encourage everyone to sign up if you haven't already. The E-Bulletin is the diocesan noticeboard and the place through which important information is shared first." 

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