New guidance on closed church buildings

The Church of England's Cathedrals and Church Buildings Division has issued a revised version of its guidance on caring for closed church buildings, reflecting the decision of the government to extend the lockdown until at least the 07 May. 

The preface has been substantially re-written to update the context of this advice and as usual the other changes are indicated on the first page.

This is the latest version, with updates correct as of the 22 April and includes revisions and additions as follows:

The guidance includes information about:

• Water rates on closed buildings
• Nurseries operated from church buildings
• Advice on bells
• Architects attending to undertake surveys
• Details of emergency grant funds that churches are eligible for.

The latest revision includes information about: 

• Updated context
• Reference to government coronavirus restrictions
• Revision of guidance on organ maintenance visits
• Reference to government guidance on using public green space in churchyards 
• Reference to items of high value in churches
• Reference to professional maintenance of churchyards

You can also find the document on the Coronavirus FAQs page of the Church of England website.

On issuing the guidance, the Cathedral and Church Buildings Division wish to say that they are grateful to everyone who submitted questions for this latest version. 

There is also a new FAQ on the Coronavirus FAQs page, ‘How can we help people to give financially to the Church during this time?’ This links to useful advice from Parish Resources.


Page last updated: Tuesday 5th May 2020 10:28 AM
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