Bishop Mark talks with BBC Radio Merseyside

Following the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, Bishop Mark talks with Lisa Marrey from BBC Radio Merseyside about the Queen's legacy and the impact she had around the world. For Mark, who was born in Canada, she was also the Queen of his homeland, thousands of miles away.

Bishop Mark spoke of having met the Queen personally and that she had been "present in the room" with him on several occasions. He describes her as having a "deep Christian of faith" and said "it was amazing how she made people feel special". 

Mark explains that he had a mix of emotions, of "deep sadness" but also "deep gratitude because we have so much to be thankful for". He said that his thoughts and prayers are with the Royal Family. 

The interview with the BBC took place on 09 September 2022, the day after her death was announced by Buckingham Palace. The interview can be heard in full below, or on the BBC Radio Merseyside website.

Page last updated: Monday 12th September 2022 10:22 AM
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