The gift of life

In this reflection, first published in the Chester Diocesan News, the Archdeacon of Macclesfield, Ian Bishop, offers his thoughts on environmental issues in what is a big year for the UK. He calls on all Christians to be at the forefront of change in tackling environmental issues. 



The world does seem to be waking up to the damage caused to our earth. The planet is heating up, bio-diversity is under threat and pollution is destroying our oceans, but the political wind is changing.  Recent elections signal a huge change in emphasis; Governments are talking about a ‘Green industrial revolution’ to lead us out of the economic crisis caused by the pandemic; policies such as all electric car sales by 2030 are really focusing minds; renewable energy is making a significant contribution to the National Grid and the goal of carbon neutral no longer looks the impossibility it once did.

In November the world will gather in Glasgow at the COP26 Global conference on Climate Change and hopes are high for progress in tackling the climate crisis.  But all of us can make a small difference and Christians who see life itself as a gift of God must be in the forefront of change.


Bishop of Chester calls for tougher environment law

The Bishop of Chester joined other faith leaders, campaign groups, businesses, and academics in writing to Boris Johnson to ask for legally binding targets to cut plastic pollution to be included in the Environment Bill. Read more


Our diocesan Environment Forum is planning a significant year ahead and it starts as we go into Lent.  40 reflections have been gathered from individuals around the Diocese.  They are people who are trying in small ways to be the difference.  They ask you to draw close to the Bible again and get deeper into a text that is grounded in the gift of life.  You will find a new post every day from Ash Wednesday to Good Friday posted on the website and social media.  Join in with the journey and rediscover the gift of God this Lent.

Along with the readings and reflections there are actions. Instead of giving something up for Lent – why not try taking something up instead? There are 7 challenges on the website – each intended to make you think, each intended to make you pray, each intended to give you new insight into the God who told us in the first chapter of Genesis to ‘Prosper, Reproduce, Fill the earth and Take Charge.’ (Gen 1:28 The Message) This Lent I’m asking you to take your stewardship seriously.

As the year progresses there will be more. Because as we emerge from the pandemic, we have such an opportunity to do things differently, and better. To celebrate a God who gives so generously to a people who so easily miss his gift. Against a backdrop of sorrow step into a new season with hope and celebrate the gift of life in all its fullness.

Ian Bishop

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