A diocese in mourning

The bishops and other senior leaders, as well as clergy and lay leaders around the Diocese of Chester have been offering prayers and tributes to Her Late Queen Elizabeth II.

The Bishop of Chester, Mark Tanner has led diocesan tributes to the Queen, saying: "We stand together in our grief and loss, whatever our politics or situation, she was for us a rock, profoundly strengthened by her own deep faith in Christ, her rock. Here, though, lies our comfort and our hope as well. Her lifelong trust in Christ now finds its peaceful fulfillment in him, and it is to him that we turn in our own time of need. We pray with gratitude for her long, wise, and compassionate reign. We pray for our nation and the Commonwealth. We pray for the Royal Family in their loss and grieving. And, in particular, we pray for our King. May he, and we, be upheld and strengthened by the grace of her Lord and ours, Jesus Christ."

The Bishop of Stockport, Sam Corley said: "For many of us, the late Queen has been a symbol of stability throughout our lives. In her death, just as throughout her long life, we are comforted and inspired by the reminder of the source of that stability in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ which was the ground of her faith and can be the wellspring of our hope as we grieve the late Queen's death. We give thanks for a remarkable life of duty, of service and of discipleship, as we pray for her family."

The Bishop of Birkenhead, Julie Conalty, said: "As we react to the death of Queen Elizabeth II, there will be many fine words about her servant leadership. Words such as steadfast, hard-working, committed, faithful, wise… All apt tributes, but I would like to pay homage, in particular, to her courage - courage to lead as a woman in what is so often a man’s world; courage to steer a steady course through some deeply troubled times; courage to continue to hold out hope and to speak so freely of her faith in God."

The Dean of Chester, Tim Stratford said: "Her Majesty the Queen has given outstanding service to our nation, Commonwealth and church. Over seventy years of stability and prosperity have characterised her reign. Many of us have lived our whole lives in this second Elizabethan period and should never take for granted the security and prosperity it has offered us. The Queen’s faith, wisdom, political acumen, charitable work and patronage have been an inspiration to many including myself. We celebrate and give thanks for her life praying for her soul and the wellbeing of our nation and Commonwealth as well as her close family in their mourning.”

The Archdeacon of Macclesfield, Ian Bishop said: "St Paul told us to think about whatever is true, noble, right, pure, lovely and admirable (Phil 4:8), and somehow I’ve always associated that verse with the Queen; the life she lived, the values she held and the example she set. Her faithfulness and the inner strength she gained from that faith were evident to all and her presence at the heart of British life for decades has been a rock of stability in a world of change. She is going to be deeply missed."

The Archdeacon of Chester, Mike Gilbertson said: "Queen Elizabeth has been a wonderful example of duty and dedication to her people. But more than that, she was a steadfast example of Christian discipleship, being totally clear about her commitment to serving the Lord Jesus Christ. Let us give profound thanks for her life, and pray for King Charles as he takes on huge new responsibilities."

Staff at Church House briefly interrupted their work at noon on Friday 09 September to give thanks for the Queen and her life and to pray for the Royal Family and the King. And bells tolled around the Diocese of Chester and across the country. Many parish churches will remain open in the coming days to allow people the space to pray and reflect, and some will have a book of condelence for the public to write in. 

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