Setting God's People Free

A change in culture

Setting God's People Free is a Church of England initiative that aims to help all Christians to live out the good news of Jesus, and follow him with confidence, in all areas of our lives, Sunday to Saturday.

Whether we are lay or ordained, we are all equal partners in mission, grounded in our common baptism, with complementary gifts and vocations. Together we are called be a living witness to others in our homes, schools, workplaces, churches and communities – the places we find ourselves every day. 

Setting God's People Free helps churches to illuminate, nourish and connect with what is working already in and through parishes and communities of faith. It aims to inspire, disciple, equip and empower the 98% of the Church of England who are not ordained, and who spend 95% of their time outside the church. It is there that we have the privilege and opportunity to serve Christ in every task we do, in every encounter we have, and every place we find ourselves – in the factory as in the sanctuary, in the primary school as in the Sunday school, in the board room as in the sitting room.

Everyday Evangelism

Read stories of people in the Diocese of Chester who are living out their faith everyday, Sunday to Saturday
Everyday Evangelism: Revd Glyn Jones
Everyday Evangelism: Clare Doig

The Diocese of Chester is one of 27 dioceses invited to take part in a national pilot programme exploring the joys and challenges of leading transformational culture change in our church congregations.  Subsequently, 25 diverse Pilot Parishes in our diocese are collaborating in exploring approaches and ideas for Setting God’s People Free, and their insights and resources will be shared more widely across the Diocese later in 2019.

Resources for Setting God's People Free
We have collated a wide range of resources here for any parishes to access to help them engage with Setting God’s People Free in their particular context and worshipping community.