Resources for Setting God's People Free

National Church Resources: Articles, resources and the latest updates on Setting God's People Free.

Church of England SGPF Webpage
An introduction to SGPF, links to articles and resources and the latest updates.

Setting God’s People Free – Report from the Archbishops' Council
The full report as presented to General Synod (36 pages).

Setting God’s People Free – Summary version of the report for discussion in Deaneries and PCCs
A summarised version with discussion questions to help us engage with the report, assess our context, challenges and opportunities and begin to implement culture change.

Setting God’s People Free for… Monday to Saturday (as well as Sunday!)
Seven small shifts that will make a big difference to the way we worship, pray and support each other in our everyday faith. 

Small Group Resources: Bible study guides, short films and prayer cards

Fruitfulness on the Frontline
Delve into the rich ways God works in and through us right where we are through this book, discussion guide, DVD, prayer cards and other resources for small groups including a version designed for use with children and youth. From The London Institute for Contemporary Christianity.

The whole of life for Christ - Enriching everyday discipleship (Book)
Antony Billington and Mark Green. (IVP 2016)
A Bible study resource for groups or individuals in 7 parts exploring how we can live out the truth that the gospel is an invitation to whole-life discipleship and into life following and imitating Jesus.

Worship Resources: Material to help churches connect Sunday to the rest of the week through their worship

Whole Life Worship (Book)
Sam and Sara Hargreaves (IVP, 2017).
This book provides biblically grounded practical ideas and resources to help churches connect Sunday to the rest of the week through their worship. The book draws on examples and stories from various church traditions, to demonstrate how different kinds of Christian spirituality engage worshipfully with everyday life, and our gathered worship can have a more outward dimension.

Setting God’s People Free – Worship and Liturgy Resources (PDF)
This booklet of resources has been drawn together by our Diocesan Worship Advisor Andy Stinson with liturgy to supplement Common Worship material that emphasises the link between our lives in the world and shared corporate worship. The resource provides and ideas, words and prayers for the key points of the service in ‘Gathering’, ‘Offertory’ and ‘Dismissal’.
Link to PDF

Setting God’s People Free – A Missional Eucharist (PDF)
Liturgy for a Celebration of Holy Communion on the theme of Mission compiled by Andy Stinson with material from Common Worship resources and original material by Andy Stinson.
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Preaching Materials: Sermon outlines to encourage fruitfulness in the places we find ourselves every day.
Books: For individuals, churches and church leaders.    
Courses and Training Events: Programmes to encourage whole-life discipleship.
Helpful Websites: Links to a variety of organisations that have common aims to SGPF
Newsletters: Archive of SGPF Newsletters from the Diocese of Chester, with stories, prayers and ideas.

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