Preparing for your Quinquennial Inspection visit

Practical advice to ensure that you have everything ready to make your QI visit fully productive

The DAC Office will remind the parish in writing early in the relevant calendar year when the inspection is due.  We will also ask you to confirm the name of the architect/surveyor you wish to carry out the review.  In preparation for the day of the inspection you should check the following:

  • Access: The architect will require access to all parts of the church - keys should be readily available for all parts of the building normally kept locked - e.g. towers, vestries, organ chambers, boiler rooms
  • Log Book: The professional adviser will need to see the terrier and inventory, the log book, and any other paperwork relevant to the building.
  • Ladders: Ladders should be available so that the architect can, where appropriate, access the roof and other areas as appropriate.
  • Bells: Bells should be down on the day of the inspection. The ringers should be asked to report any problems with the ring.
  • Listed structures in your churchyard: you must identify any listed structures (which may include sundials, boundary walls or individual memorials) and bring them to the attention of your architect on the day of the inspection.  Guidance on identifying such structures is available on our web page covering grade-listed structures.
  • Professional reports: You should have copies of the following (where applicable) available to the architect for inclusion in the QI report:
    • Electrical system test certificate (undertaken every five years by an electrician who is a member of the NICEIC, ECA or equivalent professional accreditation body)
    • Lightning conductor test certificate.
    • Fire alarm and equipment
    • Heating system (if any problems)
    • Bells and bellframe (if any problems)
    • An arboricultural report (particularly if large trees overhang public areas)
    • Asbestos survey
    • Energy review: this can assist parishes with their carbon management.
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