Buildings for Mission


Well-maintained and enhanced church buildings are a strong witness that the Christian faith is very much alive and making a positive difference in our communities- our buildings ‘speak’. They are our place for collective worship, a house of prayer and a resource for mission.

This section includes an introduction to buildings for mission and advice on how to share our Christian heritage and culture with visitors and tourists and through events and art.


If you like to speak to someone at Church House: 

  • Buildings for mission and how to fundraise for building or heritage projects- Emily Allen, Church Buildings Missioner. Email: Tel: 01928 718 834 ex268
  • Fundraising support webpage
  • Technicalities and legalities of maintaining and redeveloping buildings- DAC section of the website. Caroline Hilton, DAC Secretary, Email: Tel: 01928 718 834 ex244

Caring for Church Buildings (maintenance)
Resources available to assist churches maintain their buildings to ensure they are safe and positive places of welcome for people

Community connections
Access support to help you engage with local communities to help shape the vision for your church building and gain wider support

Training opportunities for parishes
Training events and the Explorers programme

Discerning a vision for your church building
Resources to assist a church develop a vision for its church building or hall

Redeveloping Church Buildings
Resources available to assist with sensitively redeveloping church buildings and making improvements to church halls

Arts projects can be a powerful way to engage people by stimulating thought and emotions to consider new and deeper ways to look at life’s big questions and current issues.

Special events
Special events that are open for local people and visitors can help put a church on the map and encourage people to visit, often for the first time. It's also a great opportunity to work with other organisations and groups and form new links.

Open doors- welcoming visitors and tourists
Top Tips on improving your visitor welcome and sharing your Christian heritage with visitors and tourists

Strategy for Buildings
An introduction to the role and value of church buildings for supporting mission, and an outline of Diocesan priorities for managing church buildings.