Clergy Information

Clergy Information - Full Version
This information has been produced with the intention of providing advice and help on a range of practical issues regarding your ministry and informing you about the support and services available within the Diocese.

Clergy Information - Compact version
The clergy consultation group felt it would be helpful to have an abridged version of the Clergy Information which could be kept as a hard copy on their desk with the most frequently needed information to hand. Should you require a printed copy to be provided for you, please contact the HR department at Church House.

Clergy Finances
Clergy stipends are funded by the Diocese but paid through the Church Commissioners.
Further information on stipends and other financial matters is available on the Church of England website:

Stipends and Pensions
(For new car loans please visit the Churches Mutual Credit Union (CMCU) website.)
A Guide to the Reimbursement of the Parochial expenses of the Clergy

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