We are passionate about the Church being a shining beacon in communities and every child, young person and family having access to a vibrant, welcoming and worshipful church in their locality.

Young people are welcomed by Jesus. The disciples would be young people in today’s society. We encourage and support parishes to welcome young people. Young people help us to view the world differently, bringing passion and new ideas which help us to be a growing church.



There are prayer networks in different localities across the Diocese praying for younger generations in their area at least once a month, usually on the first Thursday of each month. If you would like to join one near you, or set one up in your locality please contact Jonathan Masters.


The Church of England conducted research into how we can help young people engage with Church. The findings are summarised in the video below:


There are many resources to help churches welcome young people. At Church House we have hard copies of books and other equipment for parishes to borrow.

If you’re stuck for ideas, here are some helpful ones:

Roots on the web


Almost 80% of young people who go to church before university drop their Christian faith in their time at Uni. Supporting young people through this transition is important to help them maintain a deep, real and relevant faith. Student Link Up helps churches and students at this time. Get in touch with them to find out how you can serve students in your church.

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