Vocations Sunday is this Sunday

Vocations Sunday is fast approaching and this year the Diocesan Director of Vocations, Sarah Fenby, says she is most encouraged by the examples of imaginative faithfulness, and of the ways in which people and parishes are exploring what "God is putting within them and confirming round about them."

All enquiries about vocations are welcome. Please email: ddv@chester.anglican.org

Diocesan Director of Vocations, the Revd Canon Sarah Fenby, says: 

"God has been calling us to exercise faith and ministry in many unfamiliar ways and in many challenging circumstances of late. From the perspective of work among vocations in the diocese it has been really most inspiring to see imaginative faithfulness blossoming with the season in so many contexts across the diocese and also in training colleges and cohorts: live streaming prayer from a caravan in a rural community; words of beatitude written and shared for forgotten parts of the community; outdoor prayer stations visited and added to by fellow ordinands in isolation – just a few examples that have touched and encouraged my faith in recent weeks.

"It's most encouraging also to have individuals keep coming forward with their parish’s support to explore what God is putting within them and confirming round about them.

"Vocations Sunday provides an annual invitation to give thanks for the gifts and ministries that are being raised up and exercised across the whole people of God, in so many contexts and sectors.

"This year it falls on Sunday 03 May, and we are given in our challenging situations a moment to sit and notice what God is drawing out of his people, lay and ordained; and to proclaim afresh the purpose of all our lives: God’s glory.

"The Spirit seeks to illuminate and whisper God’s loving purposes for individuals and for the world in us still, prompting ideas for service, mission and ministry in listening hearts. It’s an exciting moment maybe especially this year as we think and pray outside the box."

Vocations Sunday resources

For sermons, reflections, courses, drama, art, small group materials on vocation see:


Resources for Vocations Sunday and beyond, and inspiration for an initiative called, The Great Vocations Conversation, the challenge for Christians to have a conversation a month about vocation, the gifts, passions and God-given imagination and calling in each one of us:


Church of England resources for growing a culture of vocations (worth reading the whole page with a cup of tea and time to digest the range of links)


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God is still calling

23 April 2020
By Jenny Bridgman, Director of Studies for Pastoral Workers


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