Church House has now reopened. A transitional period for staff to return to working from Church House has been agreed during Autumn 2021.

Diocesan Secretary: George Colville - Working from Church House
T: 01928 718834   EXT: 247   07590 962586 (normal office hours)  E:


Bishops and Archdeacons

Bishop of Chester: Mark Tanner
T: 01244 350864 E:

Bishop of Birkenhead: Julie Conalty
T: 01244 350864 E:

Bishop of Stockport: Sam Corley
T: 01244 350864 E:


Archdeacon of Chester: Mike Gilbertson
T: 07921 040154 (normal office hours) E:

Archdeacon of Macclesfield: Ian Bishop
T: 07715 102519 (normal office hours) E:

Church Maintenance

DAC Secretary: Caroline Hilton
T: 07546 304341 (normal office hours) E:

DAC Assistant: Katy Purvis

Clergy Housing

Property Manager and Closed Church Officer: Alan Kempster-Down
T: 07540 725112 (normal office hours) E:

Property Officer: Jane Hague


Director of Communications: James Butterworth
T: 07889 217594 (normal office hours) E:

Design and Communications Officer: Stephen Freeman - Working from Church House
T: 01928 718834   Ext 255   E:


Director of Education: Chris Penn
T: 01928 718834   EXT: 222 / 07540 722667 (normal office hours) E:

Deputy Director of Education: Sue Noakes
T: 07540 722668 (normal office hours) E:

School Effectiveness Officer: Mark Whitehill
T: 07540 722669 (normal office hours) E:

Christian Character and CPD: Jen Mcilveen
T: 07851 245812 (normal office hours) E:

Administrator in Education: Charlotte Somers
T: 01928 718834   EXT: 248 / 07549 109578 (normal office hours) E:

Schools Administrative Assistant: Sandra Reynolds
T: 07549 109590 (normal office hours) E:

Schools Building and Finance Officer Assistant: Simon Geddes
T: 07564 901986 (normal office hours) E:

Schools Assets Administrator: Sandra Jones
T: 07549 109589 (normal office hours) E:


Head of Finance: Nigel Strange - Working from Church House
T: 01928 718834   Ext 241 E:

Assistant Accountant: Sharon Taylor-Booth - Working from Church House
T: 01928 718834 Ext 262 E:

Finance and HR Officer: Maxine Southwick
T: 07701 325223 (normal office hours) E:

Finance Officer: Gill Ellis - Working from Church House
T: 01928 718834 Ext 242 E:

Administration Assistant and Receptionist: Emma Hathaway - Working from Church House
T: 01928 718834 Ext 246 E:


Director of HR: Liz Geddes
T: 07918 732808 (normal office hours)

Finance and HR Officer: Maxine Southwick
T: 07701 325223 (normal office hours)  E:


Director of Ministry: Simon Chesters
T: 01928 718834   EXT: 256   E:

PA to the Director of Ministry: Jane Hood
T: 01928 718834   EXT: 257   E:

Diocesan Director of Vocations and Residentiary Canon: Revd Canon Sarah Fenby
T: 07714 587250 (normal office hours)  E:

PA to the DDV and Administrator for CfM: Peter Bacon

Director of Studies for Readers: Revd Liz Shercliff
T: 07889 217922 (normal office hours)

Director of Studies for Pastoral Workers: Revd Jenny Bridgman
T: 07546 304644 (normal office hours)  E: 

Dean of Women in Ministry: Revd Christine Broad
T: 0151 678 4825 E:

Warden of Pastoral Workers and Warden of Readers: Revd Canon Vivien Gisby

Bishop's Officer for Self-Supporting Ordained Ministry: Revd Lyndon R Bannon

Young Vocations Advisers:

Revd Jessica Piper

Revd Calum Piper

Prayer and Christian Spirituality Officer: Revd Graham Green
T: 01928 722151 E:



Director of Outreach: Revd Peter Froggatt
T: 07590 396782 (normal office hours)  E:

Assistant to Social Responsibility: Hannah Jones

Head of Counselling: Revd Peter Mackriell
T: 07918 732806 (normal office hours)  E:

Engagement and Inclusion Officer: Vanessa Layfield
T: 07517 994493 (normal office hours)  E:

Diocesan Christian Giving and Pastoral Reorganisation Missioner: Martin Smith
T: 07889 216596 (normal office hours)  E:

Mission Advisor: John Hellewell
T: 07874295510 E:

Diocesan Worship Advisor: Revd Andy Stinson
T: 01829 740263 E:

Youth, Children and Families Missioner: Jonathan Masters
T: 07595 069880 (normal office hours)  E:

Church Buildings Missioner: Emily Allen

Mission Administrator: Rebecca Hathaway


Diocesan Registrar: Lisa Moncur

Registry Clerk: Jo Williams


Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser: Pauline Butterfield
T: 07703 800031 (normal office hours)  E:

Asst Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser: Sean Augustin
T: 07704 338885 (normal office hours)  E:

PA to the Diocesan Safeguarding Advisor: Mims Harrison - Working from Church House
T: 01928 718834 Ext 266 E:

Diocesan Safeguarding Training and Policy Officer: Stephen Ellis


Church House Daresbury Risk Assessment 240821



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