Statutory consultees

These are the primary consultees parishes may need to consult. Further, specialist consultees may be relevant for work affecting particular church fabric.

The scope of statutory consultation is set out in the Schedule 2 of the Faculty Jurisdiction Rules 2015.  These Rules are effective from 1 January 2016.  Additional consulation may also be required in certain, specialist cases. 

The prinary consultees are as follows:

  • Historic England (previously called English Heritage): Must be consulted on all significant works to listed churches, irrespective of the age of the fabric or furnishings affected by the proposals.
  • National Amenity Societies: The age of the church and the nature/effect of the proposed works will determine which of the societies should be consulted. As a guide, the following are the interests of the Amenity Societies:
    • The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings: Buildings before 1715
    • The Georgian Group: 1700-1840
    • The Victorian Society: 1837-1914
    • The Twentieth Century Society: 1914 onwards
      Note: you may need to consult more than one amenity society if the proposed works affect fabric or furnishings from more than one period.  For example, if you are proposing to remove Victorian pews from a Georgian church then you would need to consult both The Georgian Group and The Victorian Society.
  • The Ancient Monuments Society: Cases involving substantial or total demolition of listed churches, sizeable extensions or where notable features (regardless of their date) face alteration or removal.
  • The Council for British Archaeology: Cases affecting the archaeology of the fabric of the church (or below the ground of the church) or in the churchyard.
  • The local planning authority:  Church buildings are exempt from Listed Building Consent but any external changes are still subject to local planning consent. The local authority should also be consulted about internal changes to any grade-listed church affecting historic fabric, as their comments have to be taken into account as part of the faculty process.

Contact details for the above bodies are available on our contacts page.

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