Levels of authorisation

Brief summary of the different levels of authorisation available

Given the vast range of work which needs to be controlled by the faculty system, various levels of authorisation are applicable to any given proposal as follows:

  • Faculty: the normal route for any work outside the scope of Minor Works
  • Informally as per the A and B Lists  (these replaced the Minor Works list from 1 January 2016 onward):
    • Some specified works require no authorisation
    • Some specified works require the authorisation of the Archdeacon
  • Interim Licence: for emergency work such as dangerous masonry or failed heating
  • Archdeacon's Temporary Licence: for genuine and fully reversible experimentation by parishes - e.g. limited pew removals where the parish need to test how they would use the new, open space before finally deciding on the size of space they need or committing to making such a change permanent

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