Faculty Fees

The legal aspects of processing a faculty incur a legal charge. The parish is normally liable for this charge but the Diocese will pay where the faculty relates to work primarily involving fabric repairs or disabled access improvements.

Pleae do not send payment at the time you submit your faculty application.  The Diocesan Registrar will advise you when payment is due, what the rate is in your particular case, and who to make payment to.

There are two rates depending on whether a particular faculty has to be referred to the Archdeacon or the Diocesan Chancellor.  The fees as from 1 March 2016 are as follows:

Chancellor’s faculty:
Registry: £200.00
VAT: £40.00
 Chancellor: £49.00
Total: £289.00

An additional Correspondence Fee may be levied if the Registrar or Chancellor are required to undertake significant additional work on any given faculty application over and above what is normally required. For example:

  • where public notices generate objections, or
  • where a parish requests an Interim Licence for undertaking work ahead of the normal faculty process, or
  • large re-ordering schemes.

Page last updated: 3rd Mar 2017 3:30 PM