Rural Support

Rural Support in the Diocese:

Economic factors are placing great strain on many of our farmers whilst the make-up of village communities, the price of housing, and the changing uses of the countryside all contribute to social stresses. As well as finding a voice on community issues, we also need to support the mission of the clergy and parishes. At present we do not have a designated Rural Officer but the Diocese has been working to ensure that the needs of rural clergy and parishes are met, and that we contribute to meeting the challenges posed as social issues in the countryside. In order to achieve this, the Committee for Social Responsibility has accepted the task of overseeing the Rural Ministry of the diocese, alongside its parallel concern for Urban Ministry and the Mission Team has accepted responsibility to support the mission of clergy and parishes. Officers will work collaboratively across CSR and the Mission Team to ensure that clergy and parishes are supported.

Diocesan Rural Steering Group - meets to organise events, training, support groups and to ensure that a plan for rural emergencies is in place and that relevant information is communicated. The group consists of clergy and lay people from rural parishes across the diocese, Mission Team and the Director of Social Responsibility, and works in conjunction with the Agricultural Chaplain (Sharon Meyer).

Rural Ministry Meetings - two events held during the year for anyone lay or clergy interested in Rural Ministry and mission. The meetings look at parish support and growth and rural issues, and include speakers who address wider issues.

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