Urban and Rural Support

Urban Support Group

The Diocese supports and resources urban churches, especially parishes with high levels of multiple deprivation. We work alongside parishes and build up opportunities and networks for help and support.

Our Urban support group is made up of clergy of Urban parishes across the diocese. They meet up four times a year to support and encourage each other in their urban ministry.

The Urban Support Group are holding a 24 hour retreat for Urban clergy. This year it will be held on the12th-13th November at Foxhill and will be focusing on ‘Following Jesus in the City’  There are particular challenges and stresses involved with ministering in the more deprived areas of the diocese, so for that reason clergy from such parishes are invited to take some time away at Foxhill, to receive the gift of rest and refreshment.

Some of the most seminal and defining moments of Jesus’ life happened in and around the populous city of Jerusalem. We might say that it was a place for him, as it is for us, of urban ministry.

Kevin and Anne Roberts will help us look at what it means to walk in Jesus’ footsteps in the calling, cost, opportunities and possibilities of urban ministry, as well as having plenty of time to rest and pray and enjoy each other’s company. To book click here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/following-jesus-in-the-city-tickets-67451121119


Rural Support in the Diocese:

Economic factors are placing great strain on many of our farmers whilst the make-up of village communities, the price of housing, and the changing uses of the countryside all contribute to social stresses. As well as finding a voice on community issues, we also need to support the mission of the clergy and parishes. Our Rural Life and Ministry group has been working to ensure that the needs of rural clergy and parishes are met, and that we contribute to meeting the challenges posed as social issues in the countryside.

The Rural steering group - meets to organise events, training, support groups and to ensure that a plan for rural emergencies is in place and that relevant information is communicated. The group consists of clergy and lay people from rural parishes across the diocese and works in conjunction with the Agricultural Chaplain (Sharon Meyer).

Reverend Anne Lawson who is Incumbent at Acton Church is chair of the Rural steering Group and can be contacted via email: revanne@uwclub.net  

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