Operational guidance for host churches

Operational guidance for churches hosting the Journey into Light exhibition. 

What do I need to do?

You will need to arrange to collect the artwork from the previous church. You will need a large vehicle to do this or large car (estate/people carrier etc.) with seats folded down.

We have given you a date to collect the artwork and a date for the next church to collect. If the date is not suitable please liaise with the church you are collecting from and arrange a more suitable date (within your allotted time).

What are we providing?

We have 25 easels that have been made by Men in Sheds. You can use these or you may wish to display the artwork on your own display boards. It’s up to you! There are around 40 pieces. You may wish to split the exhibition it if you have more than one church in your parish, or display some of the works in a church hall or school etc. It’s up to you!

We will provide:

  • Copies of the exhibition booklet.
  • A pull-up banner with Journey into Light branding and the words, "Here today"
  • Accompanying descriptions of each piece of artwork.
  • A ‘’What Can I Do?’’ flyer which gives suggested responses to those who have seen the artwork

How do I get the exhibition?

Please see above. It is the responsibility of the church hosting the exhibition to collect the artwork from the previous host and to arrange this collection. If this proves very difficult please get in touch as some members of the Criminal Justice Group may be able to help with transport in exceptional circumstances.

How long will I be holding the exhibition?

Around 2 weeks. This is not a perfect science as some churches have requested it for shorter or longer periods of time, therefore, some might have it longer than others.

What help will I get?

You can call or email at any time and we will try our best to resolve any problems. 

01928 718834

If you know that you are next to host the church or you are expecting a church to collect some artwork from you, please keep an eye out for an email/phone call arranging collection.

Below are photos of the exhibition in the cathedral. You will get all the artwork (not including the table and chair) all the easels and the artwork you can see on the two boards at either side of the room. You will not get the boards though as they belong to the cathedral. You will also get the pull-up banner with Jounrey into Light  branding. 



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