Family Life

Our aim is to support those working with families at every stage of life.

“It is within the family that we first learn what it means to love, to trust and to care for one another. We learn how to forgive, how to overcome and how to grow. These lessons are not optional, and for the fabric of society to remain strong, the state and the laws of the land need to support and encourage families."

Archbishop John Sentamu

God's plan is for people to be nurtured within loving families and all our relationships should reflect His love for us. We want to uphold values which strengthen family life and hope that people will find a warm welcome in their local church: a place where they can celebrate together; nurture children and grow in faith.

We recognise that families come in all shapes and sizes and that sadly, there are pressures which stretch some families to breaking point. Our hope is that Christians will respond sympathetically and offer support when families need help.

We aim to resource parishes in their outreach to families so that they can:

  • Draw alongside at “Milestone Moments”eg baptism and marriage by offering a warm welcome to all.
  • Encourage strong relationships through marriage preparation, marriage enrichment and parenting groups.
  • Offer practical support and compassion to families in times of crisis.

Dinkies - Parent and Baby Group, All Saints Hoole

Community Food Bags- Christ the King Birkenhead

Storytelling Service at St Michael's Macclesfield

Who Let the Dads Out? at St Martin’s Church, Poynton

There is lots of information about Who Let the Dads Out? on the national website
For further information about Who Let the Dads Out? at St Martin’s Church, Poynton, please contact Julie Briggs.

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