Just starting?

Try this link .

Need fresh ideas?

Have a look at this with lots of inspiration from around the Diocese.

I want to give you all the free resources I can but I don’t want to re-invent the wheel, so here are some great resources that other dioceses and organisations have come up with…I’ll refresh the page from time to time…

Share Good Resources

Please share assemblies of your own that have gone well! You can find a link to a simple feedback form to complete here.

Or perhaps you’ve held an event or project for your local schools, maybe over Easter – please will you take a few minutes to share what you did so everybody can benefit? You’ll find a simple form here.

Please send completed forms back to me at and I’ll post them here. It would be great if we all shared our good ideas and were able to build up a resource base for everybody to use. Thank you so much to people who are already doing this.

Pray for your Local Schools

Prayer is such a vital part of every ministry and praying for our local schools is a great way to underpin everything else we do. For ideas and resources click here.

For a great example of how one deanery encouraged prayer for their local schools see THIS booklet from Wallasey Deanery.

Prayer Spaces in Schools

One of the most exciting developments I’m hearing about in schools across the Diocese is the introduction of a prayer space for children and staff to enjoy quiet reflection. This is happening in all sorts of different schools and is comparatively easy to achieve. The experience is that schools welcome the opportunity with open arms. For more information and lots of help click here.

Here's an unusual idea from Whitegate Church's Children's Worker, Teresa Finney, for a creative Prayer Space for Schools. More details from Teresa at

Assemblies and Acts of Collective Worship

The resource I get asked for the most is material for assemblies and acts of collective worship. Follow this link to some good ones people have shared with me and some available freely on the net, including seasonal ones.

Book Reviews

To read about publications you may find helpful, click here.

Running Christian Clubs in School

For help and ideas for running Christian clubs in school, please look here.

Projects and Events with Local Schools

Projects and events that other churches have found to work well with their local schools are here. Why not share your own good ideas?


Chaplaincy is growing in every area and school chaplaincy is no exception. If you are interested in the idea of school chaplaincy, have a look at this excellent network. Contact me at for more help and support. I’m considering running the excellent Chaplaincy Everywhere Course if enough people are interested.

Rev Sue Mayo
School Church Links Consultant

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