Chester Diocesan Academies Trust (CDAT) is a thriving Multi-Academy Trust (MAT), serving over 2,000 pupils within a growing family of 14 church primary schools across Cheshire, the Wirral and parts of Greater Manchester.

CDAT was founded by the Diocese of Chester in 2013, initially as a home for sponsored academies but soon expanding to accommodate good and outstanding schools too. CDAT schools are currently organised into four geographical hubs, although this will likely increase to 5 or 6 hubs as the trust grows. This supports school-to-school collaboration and promotes professional development at school level, as well as supporting the CDAT vision for a community of schools that work together for the common good. The Trust’s schools serve their individual communities in the way they know best, with support from CDAT to ensure they have what they need to deliver the best for their pupils.

The Trust is also a significant provider of Professional Development at all levels and CDAT’s School Direct programme provides a heavily school-based teacher training route for graduates. For middle and senior leaders, is a delivery partner for the Church of England Foundation for Educational Leadership - running a range of National Professional Qualification (NPQ) courses.

The Trust is the preferred sponsor of any DBE school that is required to become an academy but its growth includes a number of 'Good' and 'Outstanding' schools that wish to join a Diocesan MAT. The CEO of CDAT is Neil Dixon and further information can be found on CDAT's website, please click here.

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