Quinquennial Inspections

Quinquennial Inspection

This inspection is carried out at five yearly intervals by a qualified Surveyor, by prior arrangement with the occupier, and it helps ascertain the maintenance works required to each individual property to prevent degradation or deterioration to the fabric of the building and its surroundings. A list of planned repairs / maintenance work is produced which is shared with the occupier so any necessary amendments can be made.

When a house has been occupied for 10 years, the apppropriate Archdeacon may also inspect the property.   This is to ensure that the quality of housing does not deteriorate during a long incumbency, leading to more substantial and costly work being carried out when the house eventually becomes vacant.


QI visits

The surveyor will contact clergy direct to arrange a convenient appointment for his visit.  The inspection usually takes around 1 1/2 to 2 hours to complete depending on the age and size of the property and accessibility of all areas.

Once the report has been received the Housing Department will instruct the appropriate contractors to attend to the immediate repairs highlighted and other repairs will be done within the timescales listed in the report.

If any improvements are suggested, quotations may be obtained and referred to the Houses and Glebe Committee for approval, if funds are available.

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