National Weekend of Invitation

Culture of Invitation

The Culture of Invitation has useful resources about how being more intentional with inviting people to come to church can make a difference in helping people overcome barriers to attending church. Purchase the book or DVD from the website to help you develop a culture of invitation in your church.

National Weekend of Invitation

One weekend. Multitudes of personal invitations to those outside our churches. All with a simple request to please ‘Be our guest’.

Offering a welcome to those who may just have been waiting to be invited.  Simple? Yes. And it is something every church can be part of.  But not ‘easy’. First we must face the fear that holds us back. And that’s part of the plan. 

Be sure your church makes plans, engages with the preparation, and reaps the benefits. Find out how here:  Free resources are available to download from the website. 




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