Lead Academy

Church leadership teams are invited to join a new and dynamic 18 month learning community - Join with others from similar ministry contexts across the diocese and benefit from both giving and receiving in a highly innovative learning environment.

The focus of this learning community will be ‘Breaking the Growth Barrier’.  Together we will explore what helps churches to grow through the 200 ceiling and how we can move towards fulfilling the vision that God has given us.

We will focus on key issues such as purpose, culture, leadership, discipleship and mission. This is an opportunity for those in leadership roles within your church to receive top-quality teaching and expert coaching. It will give you time as a team to think through the things that really matter, hear about what’s happening in other places and learn from other churches – both those similar to and different from yours. After every meeting you will leave with your own church action plan to work on and implement over the next 6 months.

Some of the issues we will cover include:

  • Setting the vision and purpose of your church
  • Identifying and changing your church’s culture
  • Releasing leadership
  • Developing new missional structures
  • Refocusing the church
  • Growing disciples
  • Engaging with your community

This is not a course, conference or programme but an 18 month interactive journey using specialized learning communities to connect churches and leaders. Together participants work through the challenges and opportunities of leading 21st Century churches.
Benefiting from an extensive background in church leadership locally, nationally and in a wider international context, the Lead Academy team are able to utilise the resources of some of the most innovative Christian thinkers and practitioners available. These ‘specialist’ faculty members are used to compliment, challenge and provoke ideas that are then explored further together as a group.

How does it work?

Lead Academy is designed for primary leaders - vicar, pastor, minister etc. plus 3 - 4 others who have key leadership roles within the church.
(Please note it is not possible to attend as an individual)
Your team of leaders will join other teams from between 6 - 10 other churches and 'journey' over an 18-month period which includes:
- Four two-day events for the whole team at approx six monthly intervals
- At least one 24 hour retreat for the main team leader only
- Services of facilitators, input from faculty members, helpful notes and resources to take away and support between meetings
- Access to a designated community members' website
- Advice and support from Lead Academy staff and facilitators between meetings
- Optional consultancy services

What outcomes can I expect from a Lead Academy learning community?

A focussed and united leadership team
Clarity of vision and strategy
A church culture that is committed to supporting that vision
A mobilised congregation
Church growth and community impact

Biographies for Lead Academy facilitators

Chris Stoddard

Chris has spent over 20 years in pastoral ministry in the UK, most recently at Aylesbury Baptist Church where he took specific responsibility for mission and worship. He was one of the founders of RUN (Reaching the Unchurched Network) and served as its Director until the end of 2009. He is part of the leadership team of Eurochurch, a European-wide leadership network and is also co-author of Church on the Edge. Chris is married to Liz, they have two daughters and live in Buckinghamshire.


Nick Cuthbert

Nick is the founder leader of Riverside Church, Birmingham and a Lay Canon at Birmingham Cathedral. He is highly regarded as a creative communicator and teacher both nationally and internationally and is also the author of a number of books including ‘How to Survive as a Church Leader.’ Nick is married to Lois and they live in Birmingham.

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