World Water Day

To commemorate World Water Day (March 22), Reverend Mike Loach met with Mark Booth from United Utilities to discuss the vital care of what may be the most crucial resource in God’s creation.

Mike Loach, Chair of the Diocese of Chester Environment Forum and vicar at Christ Church, Higher Bebington, led the way for the first church in our diocese to receive a gold Eco-Church award. This prestigious recognition is bestowed upon churches that wholeheartedly embrace environmental issues as an integral part of their congregational life.

In a country where rain is a constant companion in the UK weather, it’s tempting to assume that we needn’t concern ourselves too much with water usage or management. However, Mark emphasizes our collective responsibility to consider water usage more deeply: “While it may appear that we have an abundance of water, the reality is that we experience extremes such as droughts and floods, each presenting its own set of challenges.”

United Utilities is making a substantial investment of £13 billion over the next five years. Their goal? To ensure a robust supply of water and to treat and return water to the environment in the most responsible manner possible.

Rev Mike said: ‘During this season of Lent, many Christians think about reducing consumption, giving something up or taking something on.  With peace and cohesion as the theme of UN World Water Day this year, we’re reminded that when water is scarce or polluted, or when people have unequal, or no access, tensions can rise between communities and countries.
‘It’s hard to believe that 2.2 billion people still live without safely managed drinking water, including 115 million who drink surface water. In the UK, we take for granted the simple things like being able to boil a kettle full of clean water for a cup of tea, take a shower or flush the loo, but we must never forget our responsibility to brothers and sisters around the world who are less fortunate. At the heart of the Christian faith is Jesus’ command to love God and love each other and that brings a commitment to uphold the sanctity of God’s Creation, protecting our rivers and shores, and to provide safe drinking water for all.

During his visit, Mark presented Mike with a new water butt to mark the launch of United Utilities’ new water efficiency resource for parishes.
The resource, titled Simple ways to save water. offers some quick and simple ways parishes can save water to reduce their water and energy bills, as well as helping the environment. 

Water Saving Advice


  • Fix leaks - even small leaks can make a big difference - one leaking toilet can waste up to 400 litres of water a day, that’s 146,000 litres a year or over 500,000 cups of tea. 
  • Fix dripping taps – which can waste thousands of litres of water a year. If you have any outside taps, don’t forget to give that a quick check over too. 
  • Education – a great way to save water is to encourage church members to help by showing them how easy it is to save water. 
  • Posters – create simple stickers or posters to encourage water saving behaviour, like turning off the tap when washing hands and reporting leaks if they notice any. 
  • Bulletin inserts – explain why it’s important to save water and help others to save water in church and at home. 
  • Eco-projects – ask the community to take part in an eco-project to talk about ways to save water and energy. 
  • Water saving devices – consider fitting tap aerators which will save water without affecting water pressure. 
  • Water butts – install water butts or larger rainwater tanks to collect rainwater for re-use, can also help to reduce flooding. 
  • Rainwater planter – slow the flow of rainwater into drains during heavy rain, helping to reduce flooding and provide habitats for insects and wildlife.

More water-saving tips are available on the United Utilities website.

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