What has the lockdown done for us?


If we can find the positives in lockdown it is that we have been enabled to prioritise things in ways that we've never been able to before. People have looked at their lives afresh, giving thought to how they might have neglected certain aspects of their lives in the past and how they might change things going forward.

We are being nicer to people, more considerate, more caring, and are connecting with those that we might never have spoken to previously. In this video, the Revd Canon Elaine Chegwin Hall, Vicar at St George and St Gabriel, Stockport, looks at how Covid has brought out the good in people and provided an opportunity to do things for themselves and others that they wouldn't have otherwise done. 

She poses the question: "What has the lockdown done for us?" and talks of how members of her community have pulled together to support each other. But this isn't just about a single parish, it's about all parishes and how people have risen to new challenges and found their new selves.

Revd Canon Elaine Chegwin Hall: Vicar of St George and St Gabriel, Stockport

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