The Mottram Skyline Walk


undefinedMottram Parish Church supports a variety of charities with regular finanical gifts to improve health in Africa, child poverty in India and also local youth projects in Hattersley.

To help fund these initiatives Mottram has organised a number of fund raising events. Most recently, they organised a 33 miles sponsored walk, spread over three days from Friday 20 May to Sunday 22 May. The route took in the hills surrounding Mottram, which form an undulating skyline of peaks. It was these peaks that provided inspiration for the name of the event; The Mottram Skyline Walk.

Many people participated including over 125 children from locals schools who walked a small section to show their support.

Fifteen people completed the full three day walk, covering a total of 34 miles and ascending 7579ft. Along the way everyone enjoyed the experience despite the occasional bout of rain, hail and wind. 

Page last updated: 26th May 2016 12:00 AM