"Nearly there!"

During the pandemic, a number of clergy have turned to poetry to record their thoughts and reflections. 

Speaking in May as part of a short interview thinking about poetry and the pandemic, the Revd Alec Brown, Rural Dean of Great Budworth and poet, said poetry is able to capture and communicate a sense of what people are experiencing because of its immediacy and accessibility.

He said then: "In a year or 18 months' time, somebody will undoubtedly write a piece of prose about what is happening across the world at the moment. But the way in which we are looking at it now, I think, poetry is able to capture that with much more immediacy and power."

Here is Alec's latest sonnet on the current situation and the anticipation of better times to come: 

Nearly there!

Slowly but surely, and carefully, we’re getting there,

though I know that for some it’s taking too long

while over the road at the Pub

they’re worried the punters might break into song;

and for us with no singing or choir it won’t be the same,

but once through the door you’ll be glad you came,

after carefully cleansing your hands and following the directions and signs

you’re back in the place where you’ve spent so much time,

which for so many people means so very much

and where for almost a thousand years

prayer has been offered in good times and bad,

in happiness and sorrow, in laughter and tears;

and yes, it will be different

but God remains constant and will banish our fears.


© The Revd Alec Brown

Great Budworth Church

12 July, 2020.


Have a passion of poetry?

Poetry Break is a monthly coffee break for poetry lovers to gather and an opportunity to hear poetry from others across the diocese.

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