Prince Charles presents his Earth Charter


In his virtual address to the One Planet Summit on 11 January, Prince Charles called upon businesses and organisations to fight against the climate crisis, something our diocesan Environment Forum is working towards with parishes.

Prince Charles is asking that businesses and organisations sign up to his Terra Carta (or Earth Carta), a set of guidelines and principles that sets, "nature, people and planet at the heart of global value creation". The name was chosen to reflect the intent and longevity of the original Magna Carta, which established a set of rules and principles upon which people could expect to live in the world together. It promised rights to people who previously didn't have any and did much to evoke the idea that agreeing to and living by a set of principles is better for all. 

The Diocese of Chester recognises that looking after our climate is part of our ministry and outreach and we have a duty to ensure that God's world is preserved and maintained in all its glory. As custodians of the Earth, we are all charged with looking after it, in readiness for generations to come, many millennia into the future.

The Revd Mike Loach (pictured below) is the Vicar Christchurch, Higher Bebbington. He is co-chair of the diocesan Environment Forum, along with the Revd Dr Joe Kennedy, Rector of St Saviour's Oxton. Together, with the group's members, they are aiming to encourage the diocese to have more of an environmental focus.

"The arrival of Bishop Mark has given us renewed hope in achieving this as he is fully supportive of the need to act," says Mike. "An upcoming focus for us this year will be Lent and we are working with the Archdeacon of Macclesfield, Ian Bishop, to produce a series of environmental resources that can be promoted and distributed among parishes."

The Revd Mike Loach is Co-Chair of the diocesan Environment Forum

The forum encourages parishes to take the first step toward becoming a recognised eco church, by signing up with A Rocha, an environmental organisation with Christian roots. Mike says: "Attaining a Bronze Award doesn't take too much effort and will really help churches to make a difference and hopefully inspire others in the local area."

If you'd like to hear more about joining the Environment Forum or how your church can make a contribution to the fight against climate change, you can contact Mike or Joe below:

The Revd Mike Loach

The Revd Dr Joe Kennedy


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