'How I Came to Faith' - Barbara Williams

In this story of 'How I Came to Faith', we hear from Barbara Williams, a single mother, who was walking with her young daughter along a street in Liscard, when her daughter suddenly got out of her pushchair and dashed into the Church grounds.

Describing herself as "A born and bred, young communist,' Barbara viewed the church with skepticism. At first, she didn't see it being a problem that her daughter had entered the church grounds, but when she ran towards the door and went inside, "Then it was a problem".

The year was 1969, a time when Barbara also aligned with the hippy movement that was so prevalent at the time. And while the teachings of the church and everything it stood for, were at odds with her communist values, Barbara was also a modern, forward-thinking Mum, keen to not impose her opinions on her child, but to let her make her own mind up.

As her daughter wandered curiously around, Barbara sat at the back of the nave and found herself being overcome with sadness. "It was a pretty rotten time in my life". 

At that moment, Barbara describes a feeling, as if someone had sat down beside her. There was no one there, but it felt like they were putting an arm around me saying, "Don't worry, everything is going to be alright." She has been a member of St Mary's church ever since.




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