Future of Transforming Lives Together


Transforming Lives Together, the joint initiative between the Diocese of Chester and the Church Urban Fund is to pause all activities due to a shortage of guaranteed funding.

Transforming Lives Together is part of a wider national network of Joint Ventures funded by the Church Urban Fund, which has sadly withdrawn its funding.

In a statement, the Chair of the Board of Trustees for Transforming Lives Together (TLT), Archdeacon Ian Bishop, said the withdrawal of funds has forced the Board to “re-evaluate the immediate future”.

Archdeacon Ian says: “The Church Urban Fund has withdrawn funding from the network of Joint Ventures across the country known as the Together Network, which has forced the Board of Trustees of our local Joint Venture, Transforming Lives Together, to re-evaluate the immediate future. Without guaranteed funding, the Board has no choice other than to make Wendy Robertson, the only TLT Community Builder, redundant with effect from the end of November.

“In the last six months, the extraordinary work that Wendy has been facilitating around the Diocese of Chester has enabled more than £21K in funding to be directed to parish food programmes that have been feeding struggling families, so that around 7000 meals have been provided by amazing volunteers.

“The Board of Trustees is exploring funding opportunities to facilitate the future work of TLT and as Chair of TLT, I would be delighted to talk to anyone who may be able to assist with funding.

“Please pray for Wendy at a difficult time, her work has been beyond brilliant, and for wisdom for the Board as they seek to imagine a new future.”

Page last updated: 23rd November 2020 10:47 AM